208 Area Code

Here are the locations of the 208 area code. Map out the 208 area code below. The cities below will give an idea on your reverse phone lookup of 208. Find out who is calling you now.

Area Code208
Reverse Phone Lookup
Area Code State City Timezone
208IdahoPrestonMountain / Pacific
208IdahoPriest RiverMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRathdrumMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRexburgMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRichfieldMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRigbyMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRigginsMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRirieMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRobertsMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRocklandMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRogersonMountain / Pacific
208IdahoRupertMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSaint AnthonyMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSalmonMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSandpointMountain / Pacific
208IdahoShelleyMountain / Pacific
208IdahoShoshoneMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSoda SpringsMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSpencerMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSpirit LakeMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSt MariesMountain / Pacific
208IdahoStanleyMountain / Pacific
208IdahoStarMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSwan ValleyMountain / Pacific
208IdahoSweetMountain / Pacific

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