New Hampshire Area Codes

Here is the current list of area codes in the state of New Hampshire. There are 142 area codes in New Hampshire that are currently being used. Find out all New Hampshire area codes below by searching each of the cities below. We have the most up-to-date list of area codes in New Hampshire.

Area Code State City Timezone
603New HampshireRyeEastern
603New HampshireMarlowEastern
603New HampshireExeterEastern
603New HampshireRochesterEastern
603New HampshirePortsmouthEastern
603New HampshireNewportEastern
603New HampshireEppingEastern
603New HampshireConwayEastern
603New HampshireConcordEastern
603New HampshireSuncookEastern
603New HampshireAntrimEastern
603New HampshireCamptonEastern
603New HampshireHillsboroEastern
603New HampshireLebanonEastern
603New HampshireWarrenEastern
603New HampshireWhitefieldEastern
603New HampshireNew DurhamEastern
603New HampshireClaremontEastern
603New HampshireNorth WalpoleEastern
603New HampshireEpsomEastern
603New HampshireDurhamEastern
603New HampshireJaffreyEastern
603New HampshireNorthwoodEastern
603New HampshireCharlestownEastern
603New HampshireNorth StratfordEastern