West Virginia Area Codes

Here is the current list of area codes in the state of West Virginia. There are 237 area codes in West Virginia that are currently being used. Find out all West Virginia area codes below by searching each of the cities below. We have the most up-to-date list of area codes in West Virginia.

Area Code State City Timezone
304West VirginiaEllenboroEastern
304West VirginiaCharles TownEastern
304West VirginiaWestonEastern
304West VirginiaViennaEastern
304West VirginiaUnionEastern
304West VirginiaWinfieldEastern
304West VirginiaRobsonEastern
304West VirginiaEglonEastern
304West VirginiaPt PleasantEastern
304West VirginiaWest MilfordEastern
304West VirginiaFranklinEastern
304West VirginiaBerkeley SpgsEastern
304West VirginiaOmarEastern
304West VirginiaIaegerEastern
304West VirginiaFairmontEastern
304West VirginiaMoorefieldEastern
304West VirginiaAnawaltEastern
304West VirginiaGilbertEastern
304West VirginiaElk GardenEastern
304West VirginiaBirch RiverEastern
304West VirginiaBethanyEastern
304West VirginiaCraigsvilleEastern
304West VirginiaNew CumberlandEastern
304West VirginiaFlat TopEastern
304West VirginiaMorgantownEastern