Kentucky Area Codes

Here is the current list of area codes in the state of Kentucky. There are 349 area codes in Kentucky that are currently being used. Find out all Kentucky area codes below by searching each of the cities below. We have the most up-to-date list of area codes in Kentucky.

Area Code State City Timezone
270KentuckyColumbiaEastern / Central
606KentuckyDoverEastern / Central
270KentuckyAuroraEastern / Central
606KentuckyRoyaltonEastern / Central
606KentuckyWheelwrightEastern / Central
270KentuckyTilineEastern / Central
270KentuckyTrentonEastern / Central
270KentuckyMunfordvilleEastern / Central
606KentuckyRussellEastern / Central
270KentuckyWickliffeEastern / Central
606KentuckyOlive HillEastern / Central
270KentuckyBentonEastern / Central
502KentuckyLebanon JctEastern
606KentuckyDwaleEastern / Central
270KentuckyNorth BendEastern / Central
606KentuckyPippa PassesEastern / Central
606KentuckyHindmanEastern / Central
606KentuckySandy HookEastern / Central
270KentuckyHartfordEastern / Central
270KentuckyCub RunEastern / Central
270KentuckyKnob LickEastern / Central
606KentuckyBarbourvilleEastern / Central
606KentuckyCamptonEastern / Central