New York Area Codes

Here is the current list of area codes in the state of New York. There are 867 area codes in New York that are currently being used. Find out all New York area codes below by searching each of the cities below. We have the most up-to-date list of area codes in New York.

Area Code State City Timezone
315New YorkChaumontEastern
716New YorkHinsdaleEastern
845New YorkBloomingburgEastern
518New YorkLong LakeEastern
845New YorkCongersEastern
845New YorkNew PaltzEastern
607New YorkOdessaEastern
607New YorkAddisonEastern
718New YorkRoslynEastern
315New YorkStar LakeEastern
845New YorkNarrowsburgEastern
516New YorkMineolaEastern
315New YorkLyonsEastern
516New YorkBabylonEastern
518New YorkPaul SmithsEastern
607New YorkNewark ValleyEastern
845New YorkBarryvilleEastern
315New YorkSodusEastern
518New YorkBerneEastern
585New YorkAldenEastern
315New YorkNewarkEastern
315New YorkPotsdamEastern
315New YorkNatural BridgeEastern
607New YorkAlfredEastern
516New YorkSyossetEastern