West Virginia Area Codes

Here is the current list of area codes in the state of West Virginia. There are 237 area codes in West Virginia that are currently being used. Find out all West Virginia area codes below by searching each of the cities below. We have the most up-to-date list of area codes in West Virginia.

Area Code State City Timezone
304West VirginiaMaidsvilleEastern
304West VirginiaValley GroveEastern
681West VirginiaBridgeportEastern
304West VirginiaSistersvilleEastern
304West VirginiaBuffaloEastern
304West VirginiaMoundsvilleEastern
304West VirginiaEast LynnEastern
304West VirginiaOmarEastern
304West VirginiaAthensEastern
681West VirginiaBluefieldEastern
304West VirginiaSalemEastern
304West VirginiaCrab OrchardEastern
304West VirginiaTriadelphiaEastern
304West VirginiaKeyserEastern
304West VirginiaPetersburgEastern
304West VirginiaAuburnEastern
304West VirginiaWalkersvilleEastern
304West VirginiaFalling WatersEastern
304West VirginiaInwoodEastern
304West VirginiaWardensvilleEastern
304West VirginiaLoganEastern
304West VirginiaPiedmontEastern
304West VirginiaCairoEastern
304West VirginiaMatewanEastern
304West VirginiaSaint MarysEastern