Oregon Area Codes

Here is the current list of area codes in the state of Oregon. There are 263 area codes in Oregon that are currently being used. Find out all Oregon area codes below by searching each of the cities below. We have the most up-to-date list of area codes in Oregon.

Area Code State City Timezone
541OregonHuntingtonMountain / Pacific
541OregonMyrtle CreekMountain / Pacific
541OregonCoquilleMountain / Pacific
541OregonIdleyld ParkMountain / Pacific
541OregonChemultMountain / Pacific
541OregonAthenaMountain / Pacific
541OregonYachatsMountain / Pacific
541OregonOakridgeMountain / Pacific
541OregonFlorenceMountain / Pacific
541OregonImblerMountain / Pacific
541OregonScottsburgMountain / Pacific
541OregonJordan ValleyMountain / Pacific
541OregonHeppnerMountain / Pacific
541OregonElktonMountain / Pacific
541OregonBlue RiverMountain / Pacific
971OregonFalls CityPacific
503OregonMill CityPacific
541OregonPrincetonMountain / Pacific
541OregonCondonMountain / Pacific
541OregonCulp CreekMountain / Pacific
541OregonMoroMountain / Pacific